Business Ideas For Women

Best Business Ideas For Women

What are the best business creation opportunities for women? What are business ideas most relevant to women and their constraints? This article proposes 30 tracks towards independence …

Undertaking as a woman is a special adventure. In a very masculine economic environment, women sometimes have trouble finding their place. As we know, women are less recognized than men with equivalent skills, regardless of the sector of activity or type of position. Their professional career often runs up against the famous “glass ceiling.”

In France, 40% of entrepreneurs are “entrepreneurs,” a figure that is constantly growing. Among them, a large majority choose the status of self-entrepreneur (renamed micro-enterprise).

Studies have shown that women who undertake do not have the same motivations as men: they tend to focus on the quality of life, interpersonal relationships, and personal development. It should be noted that less than 13% of companies founded by women have more than two employees. So these are often very small businesses.

For a woman, starting a business can be an opportunity or a way:

  • to overcome barriers to career progression,
  • to better reconcile personal and professional life,
  • to gain independence.

Yet time management remains the major problem for women entrepreneurs, especially for moms.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Networks

Studies show that women are relatively lonely in the process of starting a business: they are less likely than men to use their personal network.

To cope with this weakness, networks of women entrepreneurship have emerged. Associations have been created to inform, advise, and support women entrepreneurs. Some national associations have regional branches. Among others:

  • Business O Female,
  • Undertake together,
  • Action’elles,
  • The “Entrepreneur” portal,
  • The network of Women CEO,
  • The network of Mompreneurs,
  • Women’s strength.

Here are 30 business creation ideas for women:

Here are 30 examples of business creation ideas for women. This list gives pride of place to liberal activities, some of which can be done at home. The list also includes ideas in the areas of trade, agriculture or crafts.

This list is just a way to provoke questioning and put you on the path. Feel free to click on the links to find out more!

Idea # 1: Create an online recruitment agency .

Idea n ° 2: Create a cosmetics brand : click here to know everything about the subject.

Idea # 3: Moving as an artist . We distinguish the artist-authors and the artists-creators: see our article dedicated to the statutes of the artist.

Idea # 4: Become our practitioner.

Idea n ° 5: To settle independent translator.

Idea n ° 6: Create a micro-nursery.

Idea n ° 7: Create an equestrian pension and breeding of horses.

Idea n ° 8: Become an ungular prosthetist.

Idea # 9: Become a professional youtube use.

Idea # 10: Create a nursery or flower shop.

Idea n ° 11: To settle conjugal adviser.

Idea # 12: Create a school support business.

Idea n ° 13: Become a consultant in business creation.

Idea # 14: Create a wedding-planner business.

Idea # 15: Open a covered play area for children.

Idea n ° 16: Create rooms of hosts.

Idea # 17: Open a dog and cat grooming salon.

Idea n ° 18: Create e-commerce.

Idea n ° 19: Open an agency specialized in makeover or coaching.

Idea # 20: Create a blog on a particular theme and earn revenue.

Idea # 21: Create a sewing, interior design, or home-staging business.

Idea n ° 22: To settle graphic designer or independent designer .

Idea n ° 23: Create a company of tele-secretariat.

Idea # 24: Open a language center.

Idea # 25: Create your craft jewelry business.

Idea n ° 26: Create breeding of horses.

See also our article: Business Creation Ideas related to animals.

Idea # 27: Create an Upholstery Business.

Idea # 28:  Create a brand of tea or coffee.

Idea # 29: Settle as a naturopath or sophrologist.

Idea # 30: Create a takeaway business.